Hello Friends, I’m Jordan!

Digital Marketer, Educator, Registered Nurse, Blogger, and LIKEtoKNOWit influencer. Also can include: hot mess mom who wants to be your BFF and make you sushi…..

Welcome to my cozy home, my fashion studio, cooking show, makeup vanity table, & classroom!

that’s a lot of things, jordan…

Did you see the long list of my titles? Like most of you, you don’t just have one title and wear very many hats! I do too! I just want to share all of my hats with you so that I can help you with whatever you need! I’m a a natural born helper. I became a nurse for this reason I believe.

If I find a skincare routine I love, I tell all of my friends about it. If I find a super deal, I tell all of my friends about the deal. If someone say, “Hey! nice outfit!” I immediately want to tell them where to get it.. You get the point. I love serving and connecting with people. I love the relationships that I can make over social media.

Just click which freebie you want, and it’s yours! Looking for a topic you can’t find? Let me know and I can maybe create a freebie on that topic! Just email justjojoblog@gmail.com!

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  • To simplify the life of others by sharing my favorite products while also increasing their self-worth and confidence.
  • To create meaningful and positive relationships to change the lives of others
  • I want my audience to feel valued, inspired, educated, and connected together after viewing my page

Is baking and recipes just your thing ? Or are you like me and just bored of making the same old thing?! I will always share what I’ve tried and what was truly a success in my household! I make it easy to follow and sooo good to eat… some will be healthy items and some will be TOTAL comfort foods! Come on lady- let’s get to cookin’!



Okay fashionistas… I’m not runway fashion icon.. but I do love me some boutique-y, chic, boho and casual streetwear styles. I’ll share my favorite items, sales, discount codes and soo much more because it makes my heart happy ! haha!

Does decorating your home excite you soul like it does mine? I share easy way to open up your home and give your guest that cozy feeling as soon as they walk in!

I cannot wait to meet you and hear more about why you are joining me here! I love genuinely connecting to people from all over the world as if we were hanging out in my living room over a cup of coffee… or tea if you aren’t a coffee person.. haha

I’d love to know where you are from and how we can help each other in this thing called life 🙂

senectus, mus. Photos by Daria Shevtsova.